Welcome back to Your Web Toolbox! As you’ll recall, this omgSEO blog series features one free (or nearly free) online organization or project management tool you can use right now to help manage various aspects of your small business or digital marketing campaign. The last installment of Your Web Toolbox took a look at the […]

Each November, men in the US and around the world grow their best mustaches in an effort to raise awareness and much-needed funds for men’s health issues. Specifically benefiting prostate and testicular cancer initiatives, Movember is a fun and easy way for men and women around the globe to grow the discussion about these important […]

If you don’t know about Henri Le Chat Noir, well, you’re probably just a well-rounded, optimistic person and we certainly can’t hold that against you. Happy Halloween!

It’s a debate as old as the advertising industry itself, and Portland small business owners are not exempt from it: do we hire an outside agency to handle our marketing, or do we collaborate with a consultant and do the work ourselves? There are advantages and disadvantages to both approaches, and it’s not always apparent […]

Running a small business is hard work. There are many things that demand your attention on a regular basis, from bookkeeping to customer service to digital marketing. Even the most basic part of running a small business in Portland – selling your product or service – can be frustratingly difficult if you don’t have the […]

By now you probably know that a strong social media campaign is essential to any effective SEM effort. But social media marketing can often seem overwhelming at first. Luckily, the process is actually pretty straightforward. The intimidation factor involved with starting a campaign often comes from the seemingly endless number of social media sites to […]

Here at omgSEO, we love otters. LOVE THEM. So when we found this video of a sea otter pup swimming with his paws over his eyes, we just had to share it. Now, you might be wondering, “What is going on here? Peek-a-boo? Shyness?” The answer is a lot less cute, but nonetheless interesting. Turns […]