Facebook’s Sticky New Design

Facebook redesignAccording to a post on Mashable.com, Facebook is set to unveil a significant user profile redesign at the f8 developer conference this Thursday.

According to anonymous inside sources, the redesign will be “major” and part of a much larger site overhaul, including the launching of both a music and media platform.

Here’s what Mashable was able to dig up on the upcoming changes:

  • The new profiles are going to be more “sticky”, meaning they will be designed to keep users on them for longer.
  • The new profiles will be integrated with the new media and music platforms and will show what the user is listening to or watching right on the user’s profile.
  • The new profiles are part of a larger push towards social ecommerce. This may include greater emphasis placed on Facebook Credits, and there’s rumors that a Facebook app store may even be in the works.
  • The new profiles may be related to another super-secret Facebook project, the sexily-named Project Spartan. Project Spartan is an HTML5-based mobile platform that many think Facebook will use to break the stranglehold Apple has on mobile app distribution. Read more about Project Spartan here.

What will these changes mean for social media marketing? No one knows for sure. Check back on Thursday for an in-depth look at the functionality and design of the newly designed profiles. Can’t wait two days? TS!


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