OMG! of the Day

Happy Monday, everyone! We’re sorry we neglected to bring you your favorite daily blog series last Friday. To make up for this almost unforgivable offense, we’re starting your Monday off right with some great pics from These are from a series called “Portraits with Props: 16 Pics That Prove This is a Terrible Idea“. Here are five of our favorites. Enjoy!

#5 – ..with your cat and mullet.

cat mullet omgSEO

"I don't like your beard and I don't like you."

#4 – …with your gigantic cigarettes.

giant cigs omgSEO

Got a light?

#3 – …with your fetus.

fetus omgSEO

"Now Brandy, turn your head to the left just a bit and give us a nice smile. Good. Now Justin, take your left hand and grab Brandy's rear end just a bit. Goooooooood."

#2 – …with your Chad.

chad omgSEO

Why hello, tiger...

And our absolute favorite (probably because it hits a little too close to home):

#1 – …with your keyboard.

keyboard omgSEO

"Friends? I have FRIENDS. I chat with them every NIGHT!"


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