The Importance of Branding In SEO

You may have noticed already, but Google is giving more and more page space to well-branded search results. For instance, when you do a search for “jeans”, some of the top results are Levis, True Religion, Diesel, Gap, and others. The main reason why Google and other search engines give preferred placement to established brand names is simple: trust. They trust these brands to offer exactly what they say they do, and since the whole point of a search engine is to return websites relevant to a search phrase, trusted sites get higher placement.

omgSEO Branding

Effective branding is a must for any SEO campaign.

This is all great, but what does it have to do with your SEO campaign or small business? Good question. Take the “jeans” example again. Say you own a small vintage clothing store that sells awesome used jeans. You certainly want your store to show up when someone searches for “jeans”, but how do you compete with large brand names? Simple – brand yourself.

Easier said than done? Perhaps. But there are a few tried-and-true tactics that will improve your SEO efforts through branding. They are:

Simplify Your Language
Say your vintage clothing store is called Lucky Lady’s Vintage Clothing for Women. That name certainly lets people know exactly what you sell, but it is horrible in terms of branding. When naming your site or promoting yourself online, try a simplified title, like Lucky Lady’s or Lucky Lady’s Vintage. Give people less to remember and they’re more likely to remember it.

Participate In Social Media
Popular brand names get talked about a lot in social media, so it makes sense that participating in social media will help brand your company. Starting a Facebook page and Twitter account will help boost people’s awareness of your company and, hopefully, get them talking about your brand themselves.

Brand Yourself Offline
Ignoring traditional forms of branding and advertising will certainly hurt your online branding efforts. The point of branding is to expose people to your company as often as possible, and including print, television and radio ads are all great ways of doing just that. Increasing people’s awareness of your company offline will increase the conversation about it online, which will help your branding efforts.

Provide a Consistent, Positive Customer Experience
An effective branding campaign is only as good as the product or service it is promoting. If you provide a shoddy product or sub-par service, your whole online branding campaign will blow up in your face. People will continue to talk about your company online, except now the talk will most likely be all negative. Having a lot of crummy customer reviews doesn’t brand your company as a trusted resource very well, and as we mentioned above, being trust-worthy is synonymous with high search engine rankings.

If you are already dealing with an SEO company, make sure they are using proper branding techniques in your SEO campaign. If not, contact omgSEO today to discuss the ways branding and SEO go hand-in-hand.


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