Mashable Might Be On to Something…

Mashable has finally asked The Million Dollar Question: Why does the web love cats so much?

Cosmo thinks omgSEO is the cat's meow.

If you’ve been around the internet at all, you’ve probably noticed the unbelievable number of websites related to cats. There’s,,, and many, many more. But…why? The Mashable story has some hilarious – and smart – reasons why cats are the hottest thing online. Here are a few:

“Because they’re cute.”
The author points out that a cat’s inherent cuteness makes it “the perfect distraction from our hectic lives”.

“Because they’re not cute.”
For as many cute cats online, there are just as many portrayed “as sinister creatures, plotting against man”.

“Because cats are jerks.”
Something tells me this answer may be closer to the truth than most cat owners would like to admit:

“Cats ignore us, vomit on our carpets, drag in horrible things, demand food, want affection on their terms and stay out all night. Is sharing undignified cat content online our way of getting our revenge on the species?”

Read the whole hilarious article here.


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